Rimaldas Vikšraitis “At the Edge of the Known World”



The unusual quality of Rimaldas Vikšraitis’ photographs is that he gives us something that we couldn’t buy for all the money in the world: the feeling of being there. He offers us images of moments in his and other people’s lives, moments that may be true, crazy, disturbing or repellent – depending on who we, his viewers, are and how we feel at that particular moment. To let the viewer take part: it sounds so easy. But it is a great undertaking to maintain that lightness of touch despite the presence of the camera, and to let a valid picture emerge, particularly when the alcohol is flowing and you can almost feel the room temperature rising.

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    Product Description

    Edited by Thomas Schirmböck, Gintaras Česonis
    Text by Thomas Schirmböck
    Designed by Tomas Mrazauskas
    Printed by Kopa, 2018, Kaunas

    Additional Information

    Weight 1.20 kg
    Dimensions 29 x 2 x 24 cm