Fernando Maquieira (ES)



Lives and works in Madrid, Spain. His work explores the invisible concepts like spirituality or faith shown in Anima, 2006, body of work which is about dead animals back to life through photography. Or Wearing the Faith,2008, work that explores the representation of the invisible concept of faith, working in Iran, and getting a one-year residency at the Academy of Spain in Rome. He has published several books, highlights entitled “On Alhambra“, a collection of photographs showing us the emotions of visitors to tour the monument. He has received several awards and grants, such as the Academy of Spain in Rome or FotoPress la Caixa Foundation, with which documents the journey of over 5000 km. along Route 40 in Argentina. Currently research on art in the projet called “Night Guide Museums”. Photographing the silence, solitude and atmosphere that envelops the museum spaces when they are closed to the public. His photographic work has been exhibited in several countries such as Belgium, South Africa, Italy, Korea, Lithuania and Spain.

About the residency:

The residence in Kaunas, was very helpful in my research on the museums at night. And I had the opportunity to meet great photographers and curators there.

For more information: www.fernandomaquieira.com

Fernando Maquieira (ES)Viktorija