Michal Iwanowski (PL/GB)


Michal Iwanowski is a Polish born, Cardiff based artist and a current Ffotogallery tutor. Iwanowski studied Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, graduating in 2008. His work explores the relationship between landscape and memory; marking the silent passing of otherwise insignificant individuals and histories. In 2009, he won the Emerging Photographers award by Magenta Foundation, as well as being given a Honourable Mention at Px3 Prix De Photographie, Paris. Iwanowski received Arts Council of Wales and Wales Arts International grants for his projects Clear of People and Fairy Fort Project and in 2012 had a residency in Kaunas, supported by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture.

About the residency:

In November 2012 I was invited to participate in a residency programme run by Kaunas Photographers’ Gallery, in association with the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture and Ffotogallery. I spent a month in Lithuania, researching ideas and planning the development of my project ‘Clear of people,’ which involed retracing the epic journey my grandfather had taken in 1945 – when after escaping from a gulag in Russia he and his brother crossed 2,200 km in search of their family in the aftermath of WWII. Having completed my residency in Kaunas, I had returned to Lithuania a number of times while completing my project, which was eventully presented in Kanuas in November 2014 in a show entitled ‘Pokario Istorijos.’ A book with the same title was published in June 2015.

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