Romualdas Požerskis



              Romualdas Požerskis was born on 7th of July, 1951 in Vilnius. From 1957 to 1969 was studying in primary school in Kaunas. After graduating from Kaunas Institute of Politechnics, faculty of Electrotechnics in 1975 began working in Lithuanian Photographers Association, Kaunas department. In 1979 married his wife Virginija. They have two kids – Povilas (1980) and Monika (1981). Since 1980 was a freelance photographer and took photos for Lithuanian and foreign press. Since 1993 works in Vytautas Magnus University, since 2011 professor in Faculty of Arts, Department of Contemporary Art.

              Since 1976 member of Lithuanian Photographers Association. In 1990 he became the Winner of Lithuanian National Award, the highest prize for cultural achievements in Lithuania. In 2004 was presented in University of Vienna with the prize of Alfred Toepfer, patron of art from Hamburg, for his contribution to the fostering and preservation of Central and Eastern Europe’s cultural heritage. In 2005 he was awarded the Knight of the Cross Order For the Merits to Lithuania and in 2006 he was awarded the Golden Cross of Merit from President of Poland. In 2009 was given Ministry of Culture of Lithuania Bronius Buračas premium premium. In 2010 was awarded silver medal by Vytautas Magnus Univertity.


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              Photographs in collections:

              Lithuanian Photographers Association, Vilnius;
              Modern Art Centre, Vilnius;
              Lithuanian Art Museum;
              Photography Museum, Šiauliai;
              National Library, Paris, France;
              Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland;
              Ackland Art Museum, NC, USA;
              International Centrer of Photography, New York, USA;
              Museum of Photography, Burghausen, Germany;
              FIAP collection, Lausanne, Switzerland;
              Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm, Sweden.

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