Albinas Stubra exhibition “Photographs”


On November 29th, 5.30 pm., in Kaunas Photography Gallery will be held opening of Albinas Stubra exhibition “Photographs”.

Albinas Endrius Stubra (1929–2007) bigger part of his creative period (1964–1999) worked as a photojournalist for the newspaper Klaipėda (former Tarybinė Klaipėda). Because his photos were published in the newspaper very often, sometimes he used pseudonym Klaipėdis. His works are familiar for Klaipėda residents, but photographer’s archive is less known to the wider audience. Although during his career author made reportages from abroad, most of his remaining images are following the story of one city and his residents, that is – Klaipėda.

Although Albinas Stubra was a press photographer,  he did not consider himself as just an implementer of editor’s assignment. Author’s photographs depict a few decades-long process of observing loved city. Works displayed in the exhibition marks photographer’s trajectory of movement leading towards the image needed for the reportage. Intermediate stills by A. Stubra is a slow movement towards destination, glancing around and attentively listening to the environment. Although at the time of creation these stills had no specific purpose and were not made public, today they allow not only to feel Klaipėda of that time, but also to perceive A. Stubra as versatile author that lived through the photography.

Every moment that surrounded photographer was equally important to him – be it kids racing with bicycles or resting fellow resident. According to the relatives, A. Stubra knew if a new nail was hammered somewhere and would notice even smallest details. His photographs documented daily life of port city residents and urban changes – derelict buildings and construction of new Soviet housing estates, that supposed to compensate them. Photos by A. Stubra, that are displayed in exhibition, forges a portrait of changing Klaipėda and its everydayness, that was created through several decades.

We are thankful to Rasa Marcinkevčienė and Andrius Juškevičius for their help during the process of preparation for the exhibition.

Exhibition runs until 30th of December.

Exhibition is curated by Donatas Stankevičius.

Exhibition is sponsored by EPSON Lietuva.

Albinas Stubra exhibition "Photographs"Gintare Krasuckaite