Bahadir Aksan and Lidija Kaleinikovaitė exhibition


On 7th of March, at 6 pm, opening of Bahadir Aksan (Turkey) and Lidija Kaleinikovaitė exhibition took place in Kaunas Photography Gallery. Culmination of the event – presentation of B. Aksan’s new photobook Daffodil, that as a project won Self Publishing Riga 2018 competition. Publishing of a photobook is the main prize, that was established by Kaunas photography gallery together with Kopa print house and paper’s supplier Antalis.

Exhibition creates space to ponder period of life, where experience and joy are juxtaposed with stereotypes related to inevitability and senility. In works exhibited, senility is perceived as a period of gained experience, memory, reflections, dignity and courage. Contemporary society is inseparable from social networks and cult of youth, however this cult exposes problem of aging society. This inevitable process is considered as something that should be stopped or reversed. Fragility, decay and mortality becomes synonyms of senility, although they represent just a tiny fraction of this period of life.

Bahadir Aksan is a photographer residing in Turkey, that seeks to represent and pay attention to marginalized people. In recent years B. Aksan actively participated in group and solo photography and photography books’ exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. Dummy of the book advanced to the lists of finalists in several competitions and in Self Publishing Riga competition in 2018 dummy of photobook Daffoil won the main prize.

Kaunas Photography Gallery published wining dummy, while print house Kopa assisted with printing and binding. Paper from Antalis LT & Antalis LV was used for the book.

Lidija Kaleinikovaitė focuses on captured moments of stillness in her creative work. Relationship with people, their everydayness, close observation of traditions and customs is main methods that helps author to engage with relevant themes. Her works are characterized by cyclic recurrences, repetition and provoking look not only at photography, but also at the problems it rises.

Exhibition runs until April 7th.

Publication is sponsored by print house KopaAntalis.

Sponsor of the exhibition EPSON Lithuania.

Bahadir Aksan and Lidija Kaleinikovaitė exhibition Emilija Jonaitytė