Glauco Adorno and Abigail Smithson residency project presentation


On October 3rd, 5.30 pm Kaunas Photography Gallery residents Glauco Adorno and Abigail Smithson will give give a presentation about their residency project.

Abigail Smithson is an artist based in Tucson, Arizona and Glauco Adorno is a curator based in Rio de Janeiro. Together they form No Look Pass, a collaborative artistic duo that explores the intersection of fine arts and sports. Focusing on basketball, Smithson and Adorno seek to understand the game not only as neutral entertainment, but also as an institutionalized performance and social ritual, that is fully inserted in the context of modern society.

As residents at the Kaunas Photography Gallery, Smithson and Adorno have developed a body of work entitled Yesterday’s Light, centered around the story of basketball pioneer Senda Berenson. Born Senda Valvrojenski in 1868, Berenson was a native of Butrimonys, a village in the Alytus region. Berenson immigrated to the United States alongside her family at a young age. Years later she adapted the rules of basketball for women and organized what is said to be the first official game of women’s basketball. The game took place at Smith College in Massachusetts, in 1892.

During their residency, Smithson and Adorno celebrated Berenson by engaging with her history in her hometown. In the square across the street from the house where she grew up, the pair created cyanotypes combining both the constant cycles of sunlight that connect the artists to Senda’s presence, and local basketball-related objects, which allude to her legacy.

In an effort to look for historical women for answers, Smithson and Adorno also wrote letters to Senda, using poetry to pose questions and share concerns about contemporary issues. The letters were mailed to Smith College, where she spent most of her career. At the end of the residency in Kaunas, No Look Pass will travel to Smith College to continue the research about Berenson and present the work that has been made in Butrimonys with the support of the Kaunas Photography Gallery.

Kaunas Photography Gallery residency programme is supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Glauco Adorno and Abigail Smithson residency project presentationAdmin