Margaret Lansink and Rene Van Hulst

The photographer Margaret Lansink and strategist/copywriter Rene van Hulst became partners only 5 years ago. Margaret Lansink (1961) studied at the Academy for Photography in Amsterdam. Her work shows in an open and honest way the true emotions of her inner life. Shot as analogue self-portraits in the broadest sense of the word and always with a distinct recognizable emotional edge.

Rene Van Hulst (1961) statement: Next to my commercial work, I have the privilege to support non- profit organisations in negotiating their ways in today’s world as well as working as the Programme Director of CuPuDo, the lab of the municipality of Tilburg, tasked with the development of new, bottom up ways (social innovation) of realising new Culture in the Public Domain. Furthermore working on communicating the unique works of art planned for the stations of the new metro line of Amsterdam.

Margaret Lansink and Rene Van HulstAdmin