Vytautas Pletkus “Vanishing”

Vytautas Pletkus "Vanishing"

The book Vanishing by Vytautas Pletkus (1955) contains photographic series on the slow process of destruction. The photographer records these signs now, at the beginning of the 21st century, after Lithuania has joined the European Union. Houses, fences, sculptures, objects and places have become useless, and are slowly sinking into oblivion, making their own parallel reality in lost time. The captured places are untouched by a form of photography that shows no hallmarks of beauty. The symbols of this landscape could be the empty windows of abandoned houses, or the walls of closed factories.

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    Product Description

    Editor – Vytautas Stanionis
    Designer – Tomas Mrazauskas
    Text – Agnė Narušytė
    Publisher – Kaunas photography gallery, 2015
    Printed by – “Kopa”

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    Dimensions 23 x 1.2 x 26.1 cm

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